Tea Review: Buddha Teas – Organic Oolong

Buddha Teas

As a lifetime member of the I Love Oolong Fan Club, reviewing Buddha Teas’ Organic Oolong was a delight.

The Tea

Buddha Tea: Organic Oolong
Price: $9.99

The Sight

Reminiscent of an emperor’s tea chest, the sleek yet fun black packaging with the gold Buddha seal definitely stands out among popular tea brands.

While steeping this tea, the transparent amber liquid becomes evermore golden-brown with each passing second.  Although the source of the tea isn’t mentioned on the packaging, from the nearly copper color, it seems to be a blend from Taiwan.

The Aroma

Sweet. Toasty. Nutty.

The Taste

On my first sip, I detected a smooth full-bodied texture with sweet and nutty notes similar to what I experienced with the aroma. Further into the cup, I encountered a light earthiness that continued to be well balanced by the sweet and toasty undertones.

The Experience

A great on-the-go tea for a cool autumn day.

The Tea Maker

Concerned about the harmful effects of pesticides, fillers, additives and flavorings found in many tea brands, Buddha Teas seeks to create an alternative.

Founder and CEO John  Boyd chooses ingredients that were grown organically or wild harvested to keep his teas as natural as possible.  Even the name, “Buddha Teas,” reflects the Buddhist ideals of living a simple life in harmony with the world.

The Extras

How is oolong tea different from green and black tea?

Through repeated and complicated steps tea leaves are partially oxidized to create oolong tea, whereas green tea is generally not oxidized at all and black tea is fully oxidized. (The level of oxidation influences the flavor and color of tea. Read More.)

Health Benefits

Due to high levels of several vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, oolong tea is great for increasing mental alertness, weight loss, cancer prevention and healthy hair and skin. Source: WebMD

*Full disclosure: Buddha Teas provided a complimentary sample for review. 



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