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Misty Peak offers the world’s oldest tea, Pu’er tea, hand-picked from ancient tea trees and processed by one family in Yunnan China. Their tea can be found in 410 stores around the world and is thought to be one of the best Pu’er teas available.

What motivated you to get into the tea industry?

Nicholas-LozitoTea was something that I found by accident while searching for a renewal to my life. I was traveling in Yunnan China taking photographs and exploring, when a young tea farmer invited me in for tea. That cup of tea turned into years of living and working with he and his family on their ancient tea tree farm — where I learned about the culture and beauty of this leaf.

My time there changed me, and I wanted to help share that time, or that tea, with the world so I started offering it to the people.

What separates your product from others in the industry?

Misty Peak Tea is unlike other teas and our company is unlike other companies. We have dedicated ourselves to one tea, from one family, allowing complete quality control and dedication to this tea rather than offering hundreds of teas and not fully understanding each of them. The family produces the tea for themselves and for the world, and uses the trees and traditions that have been around for centuries.

What’s your favorite tea variety?

Pu’er! Pu’er tea is more than just a tea; it is a culture, a medicine, and a historical piece.

What’s the last cup of tea you drank?

Misty Peak Pu'erh Tea

Our Spring 2016 Pu’er Green Tea in a cup


Misty Peak Organic Green Pu’er Tea Review

I was not paid, incentivized or asked in any way to give a favorable review of this product.

The Aroma

Dry: Sweet and vibrant

Steeped: Herbaceous

The Taste

On my first steep, I experienced a delightfully lighthearted earthiness with a slight umami sensation. With less bitterness than I’ve tasted with other Pu’ers and a much brighter flavor, this tea is unique and should rest in a category on its own. My second steep was equally consistent in color, taste and aroma.

If you are a fan of Chinese green teas or want to take a baby step into the vast (and at times odd) world of pu’ers, I’d suggest trying it.


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