What is Mao Jian Tea?

Mao Jian

An Overview of Mao Jian Tea

Mao Jian, more commonly known as Xinyang Mao Jian, is a type of premium green tea produced in the mountains of Xinyang County in Henan province, China. It is usually considered as the “King of green tea.”

One can easily distinguish Mao Jian tea from other green teas by its long, thin, dark green leaves, with straight tips. High quality Mao Jian produces vibrant yellow-green colored tea that gives a very refreshing, lingering aftertaste and strong aroma. Bad quality Mao Jian, on the other hand, produces dark-green colored tea. This exquisite green tea is most popular enjoyed iced during the hot summer weather.

The History of Mao Jian

Xinyang County has a long history of tea production. In 1987, archaeologists discovered tea in an ancient tomb in Xinyang, indicating that Xinyang had started tea production 2300 years ago. Abundant rainfall, large temperature difference between day and night, as well as its high altitude made Xinyang a perfect place for growing tea trees.

The origins of the modern Xinyang Mao Jian tea can be traced back to 1903, when the local government brought in tea masters from Anhui province to help develop the local tea industry. Over the years, with constant experimentation, tea farmers improved the growing and production techniques significantly, and teas from this region began to get more recognition within China.

Steeping Mao Jian

To steep it, simply heat water to 185 F. Then, pour water over loose tea and steep for 3-5 minutes. Use 3-4 tablespoons (8 grams) of tea for 500ml of water.

The tea can be brewed 3-5 times.

Health Benefits of Mao Jian

The phenolic content in this particular green tea is very high, especially catechins, which have been proven to be effective in reducing body fat and lowering low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, the type of cholesterol that elevates heart disease risks.

In addition, green tea consumption protects against several types of cancers. Other studies also showed that there is a preventive effect of Mao Jian consumption against atheroscletosis and coronary heart disease. Like other green teas, Maojian tea has high levels of antioxidants, which can help boost immunity and reduce the effects of aging.

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