The Best Tea Apps for iPhone

With tea tasting and tea culture gaining popularity in the Western world, the options for tea apps are plentiful and somewhat overwhelming. I’ve tested over a dozen of tea apps to bring you a condensed list from this increasingly crowded marketplace. Regardless of if you’re looking to become a tea master or simply steep a cup of green tea without fuss, there’s an app for you.

Tea Taster Apps


Tea Apps for iTunes

Tea By Samuel Iglesias

Cost: $1.99

Description: Learn about teas from all over the world with Tea’s Encyclopedia, including preparation tips, signs of quality, tasting notes, harvest seasons and more. Users can brew a consistent cup every time with Tea’s smart tea timer and note taker.  With the tap of a button, users can share their tasting notes and photos with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Review: Functional and super customizable, the Tea is app is a useful tool for navigating through a tea tasting adventure.  Even though the design is somewhat juvenile and I wasn’t able to intuitively find the tea encyclopedia alleged in the description, I was able to categorize, time, rate and take notes on each tea without any issues.



Tea Ave App for iTunes

Tea Ave By CMak

Cost: Free

Description: An easy-to-use tool to help users track their personal tea inventory.  The app does four main things: Allows users to collect and display photographs of their favorite teas, keeps track of personal tea inventory, allows users to enter tasting notes for each tea, and gives users access to a smart tea timer created specifically for oolong tea.

Review: By far the most elegantly designed tea app available, Tea Ave makes keeping track of your tea journey fairly painless.  I found the intuitive functionality to be near flawless and my only qualm was from the inability to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit.  Overall, Tea Ave is a great app and a steal at no cost.


Tearoom and Tea Store locator App


Tea Map for iTunes

TeaMap By Adagio Teas

Cost: Free

Description: Find places for tea nearby and on the road with Adagio Teas’ complete and up-to-date directory of tea rooms.

Review: To my knowledge, TeaMap is the only app that provides a geolocation based tearoom finder. Unfortunately, this absolutely awesome concept falls a little short due to a poorly designed user interface. If Adagio can completely overhaul the design and functionality of this app, TeaMap will be a “must have” tool for traveling tea lovers.


Tea Timer Apps


Camellia App for iTunes

Camellia Tea Timer By David Norcott

Cost: Free

Description:  Just choose the type of tea you wish to steep and press start. The app alerts users when their steep time is complete.

Review: Of the dozens of tea apps available in iTunes, this tea timer best combines simplicity, customization, and clean visual design.



SimpliciTea App for iTunes

simpliciTEA Tea Timer By 10bit Studios LLC

Cost: Free

Description:  SimpliciTEA is a simplistic and elegant approach to steeping tea. users simply select the type of tea they’re steeping and watch the water boil as your timer starts counting down. When your tea is done you’ll be presented with a steaming cup of tea. You also have the option of closing the app and being notified when your tea is ready.

Review: simpliciTea provides a playful and visual tea timer which is great for new or non-particular tea drinkers.  The design is fun and easy to use but, a large flaw in this tea app is the inability to add custom teas.

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